A Stimulated Brain and Keeping Busy Keeps Dementia at Bay

Keeping your brain stimulated, avoiding depression and maintaining a healthy diet can play major parts in keeping dementia at bay.
These are the findings of recent research.
Dementia is a debilitating disease which has no known cure. Therefore, health experts recommend that we should focus on the optimal ways to avoid it.
The most recent research to do with dementia was conducted in France of 1,500 individuals.
The findings illustrate that better education can reduce new cases by approximately 18 per cent over a period of seven years.
An elimination of the main genetic risk factor would signify a seven per cent cut in new cases over the same period.
The prevention of depression is a major target for a future population-based health prevention programme.
Dementia impacts on a staggering 820,000 individuals in the UK.
Rebecca Wood, from the Alzheimer’s Research Trust stated: “Healthy lifestyle can lower your risk of dementia even more than if we had been allowed to select our genes ourselves.”

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