Alcohol is Adding to Welsh Obesity Epidemic

Consumption of alcohol as well as binge-drinking are adding to the Welsh obesity epidemic as drinkers drink a tenth of their daily calorific intake in one night’s session.
However, dietetic experts state that Welsh adults are just as unaware of the calories in alcoholic drinks as they are of the number of units they contain.
Alcohol Concern research has discovered that 8 out of 10 drinkers were not aware of the number of calories in a pint of beer, lager or glass of wine .
Almost half of those who count calories did not include those in alcoholic drinks.
Many people forget that alcohol contains a lot of calories. Women in particular are increasingly drinking more alcohol.
It is essential to not exceed more than the recommended number of two to three units per day.
Women’s waistlines are increasing and the shape of women is more akin to an apple or pear.
If individuals wish to watch their figures they really need to monitor what goes into their drinking glasses.

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