Angelian Jolie Diet

Her latest is called Salt, yet the actress omitted that ingredient from her diet whilst preparing for the film.
Her personal trainer has revealed that she ate five small meals daily and ate a diet of 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein.
This emphasis on carbohydrates is surprising for certain nutrition experts, who consider the food group to be responsible for a lot of the world’s obesity crisis.
Dr Atkins would certainly be surprised. Angelina has also been undertaking regular exercise for five days per week, to help her to get into shape, and to increase her her stamina for the film role.
She has been building up muscle, without weight loss . Fast food has been banned altogether and alcohol has been limited to once a week.
Carbohydrates are a crucial part of a healthy, balanced diet; they are accessible from foods like pasta, bread and potatoes and are our energy supply.
The Atkins diet encourages cutting down on carbs and increasing meat consumption.
Recent research has confirmed that consuming large quantities of meat increases the risk of obesity

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