Barbecue Meals Branded as Unhealthy for UK Diet

Barbecue meals have been branded as unhealthy for UK diets .
Anything in batter, chips, beer, crisps, ice-cream and Indian takeaways, chips are usually the kinds of foods which are held responsible for the British putting on weight. However, we are now being criticised for barbecue meals for encouraging obesity within the UK.
Recent research highlights that Britons eat more than the recommended daily intake of calories in one barbecue meal, with men frequently eating more than 3,500 calories and women more than 2,500 calories.
The study was undertaken by Boots and the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Programme. It discovered that the average helping includes two sausages, two burgers, two chicken drumsticks, two rounds of skewered meat, fish, a baked potato, green salad and pasta salad.
This equates to nearly 3,000 calories, that is, 500 calories more than the recommended daily intake for men and 1,000 more than what is permitted for women.
It would appear that Britons are bingeing at barbecues.
Given that families will have about nine barbecues over the summer, two flame grilled meats, fish or vergetarian burgers or Quorn fillets ought to be enough as well as side salad options at each meal. You can also easily remove the skin off chicken to lower fat content.
Fish is great for barbecueing; peppered tuna cooks quickly on the barbecue and is high in omega 3s and 6s.
It is easy to consume hundreds more calories than you usually would at a barbecue. Therefore, it is advisable to control your portions.

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