Diet of Colour Can Combat Winter Bugs

Selecting enough of the apt coloured food in your diet can keep that dreaded winter bug at bay.
This is the finding of Australian nutritionists
However, multi coloured fuit and veg of raw, red and orange variety can help keep winter bugs at bay.
They are ideal in large quantities to stave off winter blues as they are very high in vitamin C.
Heating foods of colour lowers their vitamin C content. Therefore, having salads and veg and fruit is the optimal way of obtaining vitamin C from them.
Oranges are well known in keeping colds and flu at bay. Yet that list of vitamin C rich foods is a lot longer than we think, including strawberries, mandarins, red capsicums, tomatoes and guava.
Citrus fruits are extremely good as the white pith which surrounds them is high in bioflavinoids, excellent for colds and flu.
Even though pineapples and kiwi fruits are not red, they can assist stopping runny noses.
Outside the fruit bowl, you can dose up on foods like garlic, raw onion and manuka honey.
Manuka honey and garlic are high in anti-bacterial properties, whilst onion helps to break down mucus.

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