Latest Diet Aid

We all know that nicotine patches can help smokers quit smoking .
You now have weight loss patches which are known to be popular with celebrities like Paris Hilton.
These patches are about 2 inch square and you can attach them to any part of your body.
The sticky pads are claimed to suppress hunger pangs and help the body burn off fat .
Makers SlimWeight claim that these patches are a great option to lose weight as their ingredients are absorbed via the skin, directly into your blood.
Many thousands of Britons are currently trying to lose weight, with complicated complex diets adding to the hassle.
A patch a day is appropriate for burning fat and lowering your cravings.
The patches work by heightening your body’s ability to burn the fat via food, whilst lowering cravings to binge eat . Therefore, you eat less fat and the fat consumed is metabolised more quickly.

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