Lower Fat Mars A Treat for Any Dieter

Confectionery group Mars claims that the lower fat versions of its iconic chocolate bars will go down a treat with consumers.
In September, the company is going to launch Mars, Milky Way, Snickers and Topic bars which contain 15% less saturated fat than their originals.
The company stated that it cost them £9m as well as five years to arrive at this “technical breakthrough”.
It is claiming that the lower-fat producs taste exactly the same as their originals.
The lower fat treats will be a welcome treat for any dieter, especially at the end of an evening.
This move on the part of the company is welcome, especially after the introduction of new Food Standards Agency guidelines set in early 2010 which recommended that manufacturers lower the amount of saturated fat in chocolate confectionery by a minimum of 10 per cent by the end of 2012.
Mars asserted that its new range is going to remove at least 600 tons of saturated fat per annum from the UK diet .
However, it accepts that there is a long way to go prior to this being a healthy option. Mars confirms that chocolate is just that, chocolate, and is a treat. Hence, it needs to eaten alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet .

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