Madonna Diet Secret

The “Material Girl” has a diet secret; she takes her private chef with her to make her macrobiotic meals for her on flights.
She is very strict with her diet . When she flies she insists on taking her private chef with her to make her in-flight food .
She spends thousands of pounds ensuring that that she has her food personalised.
A source aboard a recent Virgin Atlantic flight said that the cabin crew were given a dossier on rules and requirements. They were not allowed to walk down her aisle nor ask her any questions.
The intermediaries were her assistants which seemed crazy.
Apparently Madonna is such an obsessive adherent of the macrobiotic diet that she even tried to convert her ex Jesus Luz.
The 23-year-old Brazilian model is said to have stuck to this diet during 2009 to appease his lover.
The macrobiotic diet consists of namely vegetables and fish and omits sugary foods, processed foods and dairy .

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