Miss Universe Does Not Diet

The Mexican Jimena Navarrete, knocked out 82 candidates yesterday to become Miss Universe 2010.
She went on to dedicate the new Miss Universe title to Mexico and to her family.
Jimena studies nutrition, she had to stop attendance of her college to devote herself to getting ready for the Miss Universe contest.
She states that her knowledge of nutrition has enabled her to adhere to a balanced diet in preparation for the contest.
She says she has never been tubby. Nonetheless, she attempts to always eat as healthily as possible. In addition, she also drinks a great deal of water.
Moreover, Jimena was a twice daily frequentor of the gym prior to the contest. On a daily basis she did cardiovascular exercises, such as treadmill, spinning or elliptical, as well as weight lifting.
She now undertakes this exercise regiment five days a week.
She has been criticised for having plastic surger y. However, she claims that she has never been under a surgeon’s knife and is natural and satisfied.

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