Plant Fibre Considered to of Assistance for Crohns Pain

Recent research suggests that broccoli fibre and plantain can aid the prevention of relapses of Crohn’s disease .
Crohn’s is a long-term condition which triggers inflammation of the lining of the digestive system .
Its symptoms include diarrhoea and stomach pain.
At present there are 90,000 sufferers of this disease in the UK and this number could be on the increase.
The numer of Crohn’s disease sufferers is on the increase across the world. It is most prevalent in developed countries, such as, the UK, where the most people’s diets are low in fibre and high in processed foods.
Countries like Japan have witnessed an increase in such cases and hold the introduction of the “Western diet ” responsible.
The research tested several types of soluble plant fibre to ascertain their impact on Crohn’s disease. Soluble plant fibre emanates from vegetables upon them being boiled in water.
Soluble fibre from broccoli and plantain in particular prevented the bacteria E.coli from moving into intestinal cells.

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