Six Daily Glasses of Water Ensures Weight Loss

A very easy way to lose weight is to drink water prior to eating.
This is not going to be such good news for fancy, paid for diet plan companies.
Researchers have discovered that drinking a couple of glasses prior to each meal is a great way of getting rid of those unwanted pounds.
The way it works is water fills your stomach so people eat less. A diet fizzy drink can of course have a similar effect.
A three month study which reported to the American Chemical Society, involved 48 participants aged 55-75.
A group drank two cups of water prior to every meal and the other did not.
Water drinkers lost a substantial 15.5lbs on average within the 12 week period, with the others losing 11lbs.
It is not advisable to drink too much water as that can lead to water intoxication.

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