Smoking and Diet Key Triggers of Heart Disease

Around 10 million people across the world are diagnosed with cancer each year.
A third of these cases are related to smoking, a third to diet, and the remainder due to infection, stress, pollution and other factors.
Lalit Kumar, professor of medical oncology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) states that there are three million cancer cases internationally per annum due to smoking, with lung cancer claiming 50 per cent of sufferers.
A high fat diet diet amongst women can lead to breast cancer . Women who do some moderate exercise and yoga on a daily basis are less likely to have cancer than those who have a high fat diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
In addition, a high fat diet can lead to prostate cancer amongst men. Furthermore, a high fat diet and low fibre intake can trigger colonic cancer.
Certain fungal infections can trigger liver cancer, while the human papillomavirus having been proven to cause cancer of the cervix. The good news herein is that a vaccine is available and within the next 20 years the occurences of cervical cancer are going to decline.

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