Specific Foods Screen Your Skin

Recent research published in the journal Nutrition Reviews has discovere that specific foods to complement your diet work to screen your skin from the sun .
Niva Shapira, MD, RD at Tel Aviv University has uncovered that diets high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, such as, the Mediterranean diet, where melanoma rates are very low, can enable us to protect our skin from skin cancer .
Going Greek with your diet is recommended, that is, increasing your Mediterranean staples like fish, olive oil, yogurt, beans, whole grains, fruit, veg and lots of water to combat the oxidizing effect of the sun.
It is also advisable to apply sunscreen regularly and apt body coverings like sun hats and beach coverups.
In addition, there are foods to be avoided, such as, processed foods, red wine and alcohol, herein red wine is preferable.
Moreover, it is best to be wary of foods which contain the photosensitizing compound psoralen, found in celery, parsley, dill and figs.

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