Tenth of Salads Contain More Salt than a Big Mac

A recent survey has discovered that a tenth of salads sold on the high street contain more salt than a Big Mac.
Salads are often not as healthy as they appear. Lots of pre packed salads are great for those on diets as well as office workers wanting to pick up a quick lunch.
However, we need to be careful of the amount of salt in the prepared salads we get. One out of ten salads contain more than the 2.1g in a McDonald’s Big Mac, providing more than a third of the recommended 6g daily limit for a single dish.
Some of the most salty salads are from upmarket high street cafes, which pride themselves on provoding fresh, healthy products.
The worst offending salad is available at Eat., a set up that calls itself the ‘Real Food Company’. Its Spicy Crayfish Noodles salad has 3.51g of salt, rendering more than 17 times saltier than Pret A Manger’s No Bread Tricolore, which has 0.2g of salt.
Further saltiest salads from high street cafes as well as fast food outlets are Pret’s Super Houmous Salad with 3.2g of salt, KFC’s Zinger Salad with dressing with 3.1g of salt and its Original Recipe Chicken salad with dressing with 2.9g of salt and McDonald’s Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad with dressing with 2.6g of fat.
Several supermarket salads are high in salt, with Marks and Spencer having 7 out of the 10 saltiest.
The most salty salad was its Taste of Asia salad with 2.83g of salt, containing nearly as much salt as six packets of crisps.
The Food Standards Agency recommendation for salt is 6g of salt per day, which amounts to around a teaspoonful to minimise the risk of heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure .

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