A Healthy Diet Could Save 15,000 Lives a Year

Changing to a healthy diet can lower the number of deaths due to cancer, heart disease and stroke .
If we ate five portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, 15,000 lives would be saved annually.
A portion is, for example, a medium-sized piece of fruit, a small glass of frut juice or three tablespoons of cooked vegetables.
If we ate the recommended 20 and 30 grammes of fibre on a daily basis, that would mean another 4,000 deaths prevented.
A further 7,000 deaths would be prevented if the public also watched their fat intake, reducing saturated fat to just 10 per cent of total calories consumed.
Another 7,500 deaths could be avoided should we eat less six grammes of salt a day.
Eating the required number of portions of fruit and veg can have a significant positive impact on your health .
By doing so, we also ensure that we are eating fewer foods in our diet which are bad for our hearts.

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