British Women Not Good at Dieting

British women are not great at weight loss; they are actually good at putting it on.
UK women are not considered good at dieting nor losing weight .
A recent survey highlights that over a third of British women stated that they had put weight on in the past year, in contrast to just 19 per cent of German women.
50 per cent of British respondents stated that they exercised less than three hours per week, nonetheless achieving 25 minutes a day.
American and French women exercised the least, with nearly a quarter stating that they do less than 30 minutes per week.
British women had the second highest rate of reliance on convenience food for their dietary intake, with 13 per cent confirming that they were dependent on ready meals.
For American women, this figure was 20 per cent, with it being only 6 per cent for women in France and Germany.
Around 37 per cent of British women actually eat in front of the TV, a figure that is higher than even the American one, with 29 per cent of American women eating in front of the TV.

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