Dieting Increases Stress

Many dieters know that dieting can lead to stress and binge eating .
When the going gets rough, many dieters seek the solace of chocolate, cake and crisps .
Recent research has highlighted that dieting can cause dieters, attempting to lose weight, to binge eat upon completion of their diet.

Scientists have previously suggested that dieting can make your body desire high fat, junk foods even more so after quick rapid weight loss as quick weight loss can re wire how your brain deals with stress.
This means that upon facing stress, dieters indulge in high fat, high sugar goodies; dieters can end up putting on the weight that they have just lost.
Healthy diets end up out of the window and are replaced by unhealthy foods.
Hence, it is better to make long term lifestyle changes to break a vicious circle of dieting and stress induced eating.

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