Older People who Adhere to Heallthy Diets Live a Long Life

Older people who adhere to healthy diets live long lives.
The study contrasted the diets of 2,500 American adults aged between 70 and 79 over the period of ten years.
The research, published in the American Dietetic Association, discovered that individuals aged 70 plus who consumed a low fat diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables reduced their risk of dying.
Individuals who consumed a high fat diet full of cream, cheese, whole milk and ice cream, were the ones at the highest risk of dying.
The study proved that 12 extra people in one hundred survived over ten years when they had a healthy diet .
People on healthy diets consumed more low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruit, fish, poultry and vegetables .
They were also those who exercised more and had an overall healthier lifestyle.
Researchers uncovered that individuals who stuck to a mainly high fat, dairy product based diet, increased their likelihood or dying in comparison to those in the healthy food group.

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