British Mum Loses 50kgs With WII Fit Diet

The former 114kg woman claims that the game saved her life.
The British mum uses to used to weigh 114kg or 18 stones and has declare that Wii Fit saved her life, upon losing an immesne 50kgs playing the Nintendo videogame.
In a year, Laura Roberts of Farnborough, Hampshire slid from a size 22 to a size 10 by exercising with Wii Fit for an hour every day .
Laura says she used to feel like a “beached whale” .
Along with exercise she stopped eating her daily 4000 calorie diet of crisps, pizza and cakes which of course enabled her weight loss .
The Wii was launched in the UK in December 2006.
Since then many studies have been undertaken to try and find out whether or not a daily diet of Wii and healthy eating may help weight loss; not one has been conclusive as to whether the console can do this .

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