Cakes Sales Up In the Last Two Weeks of 2010

In the final two weeks of January sales of chocolates, cakes, sweets and biscuits increased while Weight Watcher and Slim-Fast branded products decreased, in contrast to the first two weeks of the year.
The figures, which were compiled by the price comparison site MySupermarket, go to suggest that many dieters’ good intentions have disappeared the moment they entered their local supermarket’s confectionery aisle.
Chocolate sales have gone up by 44 per cent, ice cream by 23 per cent, crisps by 14 per cent, biscuits and cake by 12 per cent in the last two weeks of January.
In the mean time, sales of low-fat Special K breakfast cereal have gone down by 13 per cent, skimmed milk by 6 per cent, Slim Fast products by 6 per cent, Weight Watcher products by 5 per cent and cottage cheese by 4 per cent.
MySupermarket compares the price of grocery items on sale on Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado and Asda web sites. The coldest winter in 100 years could have prompted dieters to abandon low fat yogurt for sticky toffee pudding.
Shoppers have defintely been turning to comfort foods over the last few chilly weeks.

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