Lose Weight by Changing Your Dietary Habits

Do not let excuses get in the way of your weight loss .
Opt for healthy meals, there are many available in supermarkets or make your own, preferably under 400 calories and 20g fat each.
Add a bowl of green salad and some cherry tomatoes to that meal. Grilled fish and jacket potatoes make healthy, low calorie meals too.
Eating little fat can be challenging, so swap to good fat.
You can eat more fat as long as you ensure that the majority is from unsaturated sources, such as, nuts, seeds, fish and vegetable oils, not saturated sources like butter, cakes, biscuits and sausages. You can still keep your calories down, however, your diet will be more tasty.
Should you be a chocoholic, you can still eat a little a day. Should you ban any food from your diet, you are likely to want more of it.
At 70 calories it contains less than half the calories of the smallest (30g) chocolate bar.
It is possible to ear healthy, wholesome food which you need to cook yourself. Try buying your fruit and veg from markets which are in most cases cheaper than supermarkets. Seek foods that are healthy as well as cheap, like tinned sardines, lentils, dried pasta and baked beans.
You can have a healthy diet and lose weight even if you do not particularly like vegetables. Try liquidising them into soup, or pop them into a stir fry or in a lasagne.

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