Margaret Thatcher Went On 28 Eggs a Week Diet before 1979 General Election

Lady Thatcher was eating a high protein diet of 28 eggs a week in the lead up to the 1979 general election, so recently released files hint.
She intended to lose 20lb (9kg) in weight in two weeks, so the diet outlined in a note found in a diary from 1979 suggests.
Chris Collins from the Thatcher Foundation stated that he thought she was considering her profile in front of the cameras.
The foundation’s files also highlight the fact that Lady Thatcher thought she would have become Prime Minister two years prior to her 1979 election win.
The newly released papers relate to the first year of her being PM..
Mr Collins hints that the the diet note “has to be pre-election”.
The yellowing note was discovered inside her 1979 black leather Economist magazine pocket diary.

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