A Ten Minute a Day Diet

January is awash with exercise DVDs and diet books ensuring that you will lose weight .
So which one is for you?
Hannah Waterman’s Body Blitz (£19.99) promises that you will: “lose weight in 10 minutes a day”. This ex-Eastender star has lost three stones by interval training, alternating between slow and fast exercise.
Science highlights how interval training does work, however, we consider that it will take much more than 10 minutes a day to get real results.
Rosemary Conley’s Real Results For Real Women Workout (£19.99) promises: “Real fat-burning, real toning. Amazing results!”
This fitness DVD from the veteran “Queen of Lean” is designed to work for everyone, without regard to age, fitness level or lifestyle.
Rosemary offers straighforward, effective advice, however, do not anticipate any inspiring weight loss revelations. Nothing new here.
Trudie Styler’s Warrior Yoga (£17.99) promises you two strengthbuilding yoga routines for a new you.
Does it deliver?
These routines will leave you flummoxed should you be able to withstand her husband’s sound track.
Jessie Wallace’s Look At Me Now (£19.99) promises to change your life. The ex-EastEnder recently dropped four dress sizes.
Does it deliver? Unlike many celeb dieters, Jessie does not offer a quick fix. This DVD helps you go from fat to fit with easy to follow simple routines that really work.

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