Abbott Ordered to Take Diet Pill Off Shelves

A diet pill manufactured by Abbott Laboratories (ABT) ought to be taken off shelves, so European regulatory authorities stated yesterday.
This statement follows the risk of heart attack and strokes related to the pill.
Sales of Sibutramine weight loss products ought to be ceased immediately so European Medicines Agency stated.
This comes after a study of 10,000 patients was undertaken and risks of heart diseases were related to the pill.
Within Europe these medicines are sold under the brand-names Reductil, Reduxade and Zelium and as Meridia in Amercia and Reductil, Raductil, Sabrutil and Ectiva outside the U.S.A.
After these statements Abbott shares dropped by 68 cents on Thursday.
The European Commission declared that they will now review the agency’s statement.
Abbott spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch said, “The company respectfully disagrees with the European agency’s recommendation to suspend the medicine.”
In addition, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration stated that Meridia ought not to be used by patients with a history of heart disease .
These statements came after a study was conducted on approximately 10,000 patients. It was discovered that 11.4 per cent of those who had taken Meridia had had a cardiovascular event. These results were then compared with 10 per cent of patients who were given a placebo. Study participants had heart disease or diabetes as well as a cardiovascular risk factor.

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