Dietary Changes that Make the Most Impact

Should you make simple dietary changes, you can slim more quickly.
Eggs are a great protein rich way to start the day; you will fill full for much longer. Eating eggs for breakfast can in fact reduce the number of calories you eat over the next 24 hours by up to 400.
Opting for a low fat spread rather than full fat spreads or butter can save you about 30 calories for each slice of bread you eat. You will also have far less cholesterol -raising saturated fat, so making such a swap is healthy for your heart as well.
Increasing the amount of food you eat and the weight of your food, as opposed to its calorie content, can enable you to feel fuller for longer. Fibre, air and water are crucial calorie free bulking ingredients, so try to opt for soups, casseroles, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, pulses, as well as foods with an airy texture, such as, rice cakes and low fat chocolate mousses or yoghurts as opposed to sweets, chocolate bars and biscuits.
If you are going to drink soda drinks, go for diet drinks, rather than the regular soda. You will save 135 calories per can in the process. This can help you to lose about 1lb in 6 weeks.
Choosing 1% fat milk can save you another 50 calories per pint.
A packed lunch can help too as you can avoid high fat spreads and full fat mayo.
Successful slimmers make it so much easier for on themselves by rendering their food environment less “toxic”. This can mean clearing cupboards clear of chocolates, crisps and biscuits.

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