Dietary Fibre Can Help Combat Body and Waist Circumference Gain

Dietary fibre can help combat body and waist circumference weight gain .
This is the result of a study reported from an Issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that: “Dietary fibre may play a role in obesity prevention.”.
The study’s aim was to evaluate the relationship of total dietary fibre, cereal fibre, and fruit and vegetable fibre with changes in weight and waist circumference.
The study involved 89,432 European participants, aged between 20 and 78 years, without cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes at baseline.
Validated, country-particular, food-frequency questionnaires were utilised to get dietary information.
The average duration of follow-up was 6.5 years.
There was an inverse association of total fibre intake with consequent change in weight and in waist circumference.
Fruit fibre and vegetable fibre were not related to weight change. However, the relation of fruit and vegetable fibre intake with change in waist circumference was similar to that seen for intake of total dietary fibre and cereal fibre.
This study’s findings could support a positive role of higher intake of dietary fibre, especially cereal fibre, in the prevention of body-weight and waist circumference gain.
The effect fibre has on weight change observed in this study could have public health relevance.

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