Expectant Mothers who Have Fry Ups Make More Intelligent Babies

Expectant mothers who eat fry-ups could help make brainier babies, so scientists have claimed.
Researchers state that a nutrient in bacon, eggs and pork sausages assists brain development.
The University of Carolina team stated thaty the nutrient, choline, plays a crucial role in enabling foetal brains develop areas associated to memory.
Research leader, Dr Steven Zeisel, said: “Our study in mice indicates that the diet of a pregnant mother, especially choline in that diet, can alter the switches that control brain development in the foetus.
The more we understand about how diet changes our genes, the more we can focus upon optimal development.
The research is published in the journal of the Federation Of The American Societies For Experimental Biology.
Bacon has never really been considered a health food However, the field of epigenetics is ensuring that we rethink those things we used to consider unhealthy.

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