Help with Digestion

Getting an acid stomach and bloating are common problems associated with over indulgence.
It is easy to get your yourself back on track by rejuvenating your digestive health .
The way we digest and process food affects us a lot, including our energy levels and our emotional and physical health.
In our lifetimes, around 100 tonnes of food pass along our digestive tracts and 300,000 litres of digestive juices are produced to break down food.
If you like, you are not what you eat. However, how you digest and absorb your diet greatly impacts on you.
Chewing food properly can ease the strain on the gut.
Enzymes in saliva break down carbohydrates, so continue chewing until food is a liquid mush in your mouth.
Good digestion is aided by consuming two thirds alkaline foods, like vegetables, ripe fruits, cold pressed vegetable oils and milk and one third acid foods, such as, vegetable and animal protein, refined and processed foods, coffee, alcohol and legmumes.

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