Slimmers Advises to Go Slow to Get Long Term Benefits

Nutrition experts have urged slimmers to avoid crash and fad diets favoured by celebrities in favour of changes in dietary lifestyle .
Instead of Beyoncé’s notorious maple syrup diet, dieters are urged to eat whatever they wish to in moderation.
This advice comes from the results of Wales’ only NHS specialist weight loss clinic for obese people. Here they have found that slow and steady weight loss provides the best long-term results.
Lots of dieters have tried everything on the market and nothing’s helped them. They key way to lose weight is slow and steady and long term.
Should you go on a crash diet, you will lose weight. However, you are likely to put it back on.
The clinic, based at Blaina hospital, offers tailor-made support for those with a body mass index of 35 or more.
A recent audit of 114 patients uncovered that that after a year, 91% of people had lost an average of 6.9% of their initial body weight, that is, 14.8kg or the weight of an average two-year old child.
A healthy 87.7% of these patients maintained this weight loss a year on.
Changes in dietary lifestyles and regular exercise were key.

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