Top Ten Ways to Maintain Your Diet

First of all, do not set yourself unrealistic diet goals. such as, I am going to drop three dress sizes in a month or I am going to spend three hours a day in the gymn.
It is better to have reasonable, achievable goals.
Secondly, do not binge in secret. New research points out that a third of dieters hide food. So clear out the crisps and chocolate and replace them with healthy foods, like oatcakes, nuts and fruit.
Thirdly, do not get derailed off your diet by, say, your partner eating pizza in front of you. Enlist your partner’s help by asking him/her to be more considerate in what they eat in front of you.
You can ask those close to you not to give you food gifts and not to eat ­high calorie food when you are not around.
If your partner wishes to join you all the better.
Fourthly, if you like snacking between meals, opt for healthy snacks when you have energy dips, such as, at around 11 a.m. and 3 p.m
The fifth way to stick to your diet is to ensure that if you do slip up, you do not give up your diet altogether.
The sixth way to stick to a diet is to ensure that if you cannot stop comfort eating, you eat healthier options, such as, fruit, nuts, houmous, muffins and even tea cakes instead of crisps, biscuits and chocolates.
The seventh way of staying on a diet is by not lying about what you have eaten. Write down each day what you have eaten. You will learn why you have or have not lost weight as a result.
The eighth way of staying on a diet is to ensure that you do 30 minutes physical activity each day. Exercise and diet go hand in hand, whether we like it or not.
The ninth way to continue your diet is to make sure you have time for preparing healthy meals. When we are too busy we become tempted to turn to microwave meals or calorie ridden takeaways. Homemade stir fries and curries are simple and easy to make. Pasta too is a quick and healthy meal.
Visit for healthy, cheap ideas on what to cook with what you have at home.
The tenth way to stay dieting is to maintain a health food diet , with lots of salads, jacket potatoes, vegatables, Italian meals, homemade curries and stir fries.

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