Acne Due to Bad Diet and Lifestyle

Spots were once just a problem for teenagers. It used to be a skin problem which usually disappeared in adulthood.
However, there is a growing number of British women for whom pimples do not disappear when the school uniform is done with.
The British Association of Dermatology states that approximately 14 per cent of women aged 26 to 44 get help for adult acne each year, with lots more suffering silently.
The current heat has compounded skin problems, with increased levels of stress, unhealthy diets and too much exercise .

Whatever age acne is present at, it is due to an over-sensitivity to the male hormone testosterone.
Thus skin glands produce lots amounts of oil which, alongside dead skin cells, block hair follicles, trap bacteria and triggering superficial pimples and blackheads and bumps as well as bumps underneath the skin’s surface,
Women have always been prone to more spots when hormones fluctuate, like adolescence, whilst pregnant and during the menopause . Lots of women also get a monthly breakout triggered by the menstrual cycle.

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