Dieting Works When Relatinship with Food Changes

The diet industry is so powerful that nearly 70 per cent of women have been on a diet in last twenty years.
Women appear to have an unhealthy relationship with food irregardless of their size.
Food is just fuel for our bodies, yet we can develop such unhealthy relationships with it.
The relationship we have with food frequently provides insights into what we think of our body image .
In the majority of cases, the healthier our relationship with food, the healthier the former is.
A lot of women feel guilty about eating. We use language like defeat, denial deprivation. It is no wonder that we feel negatively about dieting .
In addition, from childhood our mums use food as a reward. If you have been well behaved, you get a sweet.
Hence, food also becomes related to a reward system which is when unhealthy beliefs regarding eating set in.

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