Does Counting Calories Work

Many people have been on diets where they count calories .
A new survey highlights that 63 per cent of us have not got a clue as to our daily calorie consumption.
We are likely to become calorie oblivious if we are not careful
This could be the key as to why 6 out of 10 Brits are overweight .
During the 70 and 80s many people weighed what they were going to eat and worked out the calorific content of the food prior to consumption.
In those days that is what you did if you wanted to lose weight .
Twenty years on and you have so many diet suggestions. Omit processed food. Never combine protein with carbohydrate. Eat exactly what you wish to; even eat baby food. The list is endless.
Next you had the Food Standards Agency recommending our daily allowances.
Given all this conflicting advice we as a nation are not getting any thinner. We are becoming fatter, with more than 500,000 schoolchildren having been classified as overweight in the UK.

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