Experimental Diet Pill Seems Effective

An experimental diet pill has enabled around 50 per cent of those who used it to lose weight and keep that weight off a year on, without any heart problems associated with some earlier drugs.
Arena Pharmaceuticals’ lorcaserin is one of a trio of drugs which is increasing hope for new effective weight loss pills.
One of them is to receive a Food and Drug Administration review soon and the others, later in 2010.
In the recent study lorcaserin enabled one group of individuals to lose a minimum of 5 percent of their body weight over 12 months, more than double the rate attained by the second group of individuals on placebos.
Many of do not stick to diets . Diet pills have been renowned to have harmful side effects and do not constitute long term solutions.
A nadir for the diet pill was in 1997 when the popular “fen-phen” was removed from the market upon it being linked to heart valve problems.

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