Fry Ups are Healthy for Baby

Fried eggs and bacon does not necessarily sound like the breakfast you would want to have when you could be suffering from morning sickness.
However, recent research suggests that pregnant women who eat a traditional fry-up with those ingredients may protect their babies from birth defects.
Scientists have demonstrated that choline in a pregnant woman’s diet is crucial for the healthy development of foetal brains.
Should a mother’s diet not contain sufficient choline, a baby’s brain develops insufficient blood vessels, placing the baby at risk of developing learning and memory difficulties.
Choline is vital for cell growth and effective functioning.
Choline is a nutrient related to the Vitamin B family and is present in eggs, bacon, milk, liver, kidneys, spinach, cauliflower and wheat germ.
Previous research highlights that choline keeps liver disease at bay and could help reduce cholesterol.
Nutrition experts state that the majority of people get enough choline from food.
However, a number of studies suggest that there are some people who are at risk of choline deficiency, with a quarter of women being deficient.

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