Good Reasons for Giving Up Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are not healthy for you. You are drinking useless calories, with no nutritional value.
You will even find that certain health experts affirm that soft drinks are as harmful to you as is smoking .
University of Texas researchers found that an average soft drink raises the risk of obesity by 32.8 per cent, whilst diet coke increases the risk of obesity to 54.5 per cent. In this instance, diet drinks do not mean weight loss .
Full sugar sodas consist of 250 calories per 20 oz.
There are no minerals or nutrients in soft drinks; they are just full of sugar and caffeine.
You can addicted to soft drinks due to the caffeine in them which stimulates addiction caffeine. Those who withdraw from soft drinks have been recorded to have experienced symptoms like headaches, anxiety, depression and shivering.
A 2007 American Heart Association in Circulation Journal reported that those who drank coke on a daily basis raised the likelihood of metabolic syndrome by 44 per cent, a condition which increases the risk of getting diabetes and cardiovascular diseases .

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