Health Secretary Slams Jamie Oliver

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s has gone on record at a British Medical Association (BMA) gathering, saying that Jamie Oliver’s best efforts to offer healthier school meals has just meant fewer children are having them.
Oliver is said to annoyed and upset at the statement.
David Cameron has declared his support for Oliver, stating that he had done more for improving the diets of school children than the Department of Education.
Lansley really needs to look at the evidence, provided by the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Its report highlights that Greenwich schools where Jamie Oliver headed school meals better academic performance amongst its students.
Eleven year olds on Jamie’s diet performed 8% better at Science and 6% better at English. Eleven year olds at Greenwich schools fared better than those in schools which stuck to the traditional school diet.
Fewer additives in Greenwich schools’ food has resulted in children being less hyper, with iron -rich foods like red meat enhancing concentration and fish increasing intelligence.
Lansley ought to ban shops from selling the public food which contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. These transfats are used to keep food fresh for a number of weeks and are sold with no health warnings.
Heart disease would drop by a quarter should people cease eating foods containing transfats.

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