Jessica Biels Diet Tips

Jessica Biel has revealed her diet tips .
Jessica Biel has shown that she maintains her figure by sticking to a strict diet when she is working.
In the working environment, she ensures that she does not eat dairy, bread, salt, sugar and just a little meat.
The actress has a lovely, curvaceous figure as a result. She also ensures that she does plenty of exercise and undergoes strength training.
She has a personal trainer, who works with her twice or thrice a week.
She does plenty of circuit and strength training, particularly for her legs and back as they are pretty weak from many years of gymnastics.
She focuses on strengthening everything, by lifting little weights.
Jessica is currently dating Justin Timberlake.
She states that she makes sure she relaxes when she has been working all week.
She gives herself Saturdays off from her pretty gruelling week of healthy dieting and exercise .

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