Kourtney Kardahsian Post Baby Diet Brings out Paramedics

Kourtney Kardashian collapsed on a beach whilst running near her home.
She had been dieting too harshly, not eating properly and exercising without eating.
She has been trying to lose the unwanted weight after she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, called the ambulance, and Kourtney was nursed appropriately and placed on an IV drip.
Kourtney says that she was running down the beach and one minute she woke up.
It was later revealed that she had had nothing to eat that day. Khloe added that Kourtney had not been eating much recently.
Upon gaining consciousness, Kourtney agreed that her extreme diet regime was “just not worth it.”
She had been on a gruelling diet and exercise regime for a post baby weight shed photo shoot for Life and Style magazine.
Kourtney’s passing out goes to show how a healthy diet and regular exercise are both crucial to slow yet steady weight loss .
Crash diets like Kourtney’s are not recommended, nor exercising but not eating.

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