Latest Wonder Diet Chilli Pill

The latest diet pill wonder is called Capsiplex. It would appear to be the perfect answer for weight loss .
It hit the shelves in the UK in December 2009 and its adherents include Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez.
Capsiplex contains capsaicinoids, which is the active ingredient in chilli; it stimulates your metabolic rate, burns fat and carbs and increases the oxygenation rates in an exercising body.
University of Oklahoma tests, undertaken in 2009, concluded that a group of study participants who took Capsiplex burned 12 times more calories per hour after a 60-minute workout than those individuals who were on a placebo pill.
They chilli pill intakers burned thrice as many calories prior to the workout. This means that they burnt 278 calories, the same number you would burn in a 25-minute jog, or having a couple of chocolate biscuits.
Since December, Capsilex has been eating away into the UK diet pill market.
The company says that it has sold a million packets of tablets online; and Harrods, says its been on of its pharmacy’s top three sellers since February when the department store started to sell the pill.
The tablets are available in packets of 30 at a wopping £29.99, which equates to around a pound a day per dieter.
The theory upon which Capsiplex works is intriguing. It is well known that eating chillies triggers heat in the stomach and bowel, thus increasing your metabolic rate.
Chilli can aslo be highly irritating to your stomach and can cause stomach upsets.

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