NHS Brands Children Overweight

UK parents are extremely worried after receiving NHS claiming that their children are overweight and fat.
They consider that this can impact badly on children, giving them severe low confidence issues.
The Health Authorities branded a five-year-old girl, Gracie Hill, as overweight .
However, Gracie is just a normal child. She eats a well balanced, healthy diet and exercises daily.
Her parents are extremely angry that the NHS has claimed that their child is unhealthy.
Gracie’s mother has said that Gracie is devastated after the family received a letter from the NHS.
Gracie has started asking her parents whether or not her teachers consider her to be fat.
This has greatly angered her parents who consider that declaring a child to be overweight is wrong.
Whereas, the NHS has defended its actions, stressing that it wanted to alert the parents to the dangers related to fat and the potential health problems it can lead to. The NHS considers that such letters will ensure that children will be given a balanced diet .
Health experts have nonetheless asserted that such letters can have a hugely negative impact on the minds of children who are deemed fat and overweight.

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