Obesity Best Tackled by Paid for Diet Plans

The Scottish obesity epidemic can be tackled by paid for diet plans, such as, Weight Watchers courses on the NHS, so scientists claimed yesterday.
The dieting company’s methods are so effective that they ought to be funded by taxpayers, so the Medical Research Council has asserted after undertaking two new studies.
It claims that this would cut the annual £175 million bill the NHS has to pay in Scotland for treating conditions related to obesity, like Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure .
The diets of 800 individuals were studied and dieters on Weight Watchers fared better than others who attempted other ways to lose weight .
Those who opted for Weight Watchers lost an annual average of 7kg. Whereas, those who visited their GP dropped only 3.9kg.
Even though the drop-out rate was high, fewer people opted out of Weight Watchers.
The main reason why Weight Watchers is known to work is that it concentrates on changing people’s lifestyles not just dieting.

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