Pregnant Women Advised to Take Vitamin D Supplements

Pregnant women in the UK ought to be told as per routine to take vitamin D supplements, researchers state.
The University College London Institute of Child Health Team affirm that official organisatins presently offer conflicting advice.
Writing in the British Journal of Nutrition, they say there is a “strong case” for a daily dose of vitamin D in pregnancy .
Yet a leading expert stated that more evidence was needed.
The Department of Health’s advice to pregnant women is that they take 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day.
The researchers claim that this in effect endorses use of supplements, as diet and the sun offer minimal vitamin D.
However, the National Institute of health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) states in its guidance that it does not support supplements.
It has instead stated that women ought to simply “be informed” about the importance of taking adequate vitamin D during their pregnancy and when breastfeeding.
It adds that certain women can opt to do this by the use of supplements.

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