Salt Not the Only Blood Pressure Demon

American researchers have discovered that sugar affects blood pressure, not just salt .
Eating foods sweetened with fructose can considerably raise an individual’s risk of developing high blood pressure, according to the latest research.
There is no concrete evidence showing fructose to be a key contributor to heightened blood pressure levels, however, this study is the most recent one linking a high sugar diet with higher blood pressure.
The researchers studied the diets of 4,528 American adults over a period of 18 years of age.
All of the participants were free of hypertension and high blood pressure.
The participants’ dietary habits, particularly fructose intake, were monitored and related to blood pressure readings.
On a normal diet, blood pressure values are 120/80 mmHg or less.
However, those individuals who ate 74 grams of fructose on a daily basis, approximately the quantity in two and a half soft drinks, had a 28 percent higher risk of blood pressure.
With greater fructose consumption, the odds of having high blood pressure went up as high as 77 percent.
Obesity, illnesses, alcohol and salt intake were all accounted for.

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