Scottish Pets Need to Diet

Not only are around 60 per cent of the Scottish overweight, there is now an obesity epidemic amongst Scottish’s pets which means that nearly 50 per cent of them may be at risk from an early death.
PDSA, the animal charity, figures, highlight that dogs in Scotland are among the most fattest in the UK. 37 per cent are overweight, compared with a national average of 35 per cent.
Should such current trends continue, vets are warning that 50 per cent of all dogs in the UK will be overweight by 2012. This will place them at risk of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and other conditions.
Lots of dog owners consider their pets to be cuddly and are unaware thay obesity causes serious health issues.
Pet owners need to take greater control of their pets diets and ensure that they get enough exercise .
As part of an initiative to reduce animal obesity, the PDSA has launched an appeal to find the most overweight pets in the UK and enable them to slim down. Specific pets are placed on a free six-month diet and fitness programme which is overseen by PDSA vets and nurses.

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