Tories Accused of Being in Cahoots with Junk Food Manufacturers

As it emerged that a food watchdog is about to be axed, the Tories face further accusations of being in cahoots with junk-food companies.
The Food Standards Agency (FSA), established ten years ago to make food firms accountable is going to be axed.
The FSA was set up in the aftermath of several scandals when individuals died from food-borne illnesses like e.coli and CJD.
It has just been accounced that Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, is going to unnveil a white paper comprising plans to abolish it along with other “quangos’.
Our diets in the UK are not the most healthy, with obesity on the increase and related diseases, such as diabetes, on the rise too.
In addition, the paper includes plans to give power over NHS spending to GPs, increase family doctor access at evenings and weekends and to try and save 20,000 lives annually by targeting improved health as opposed to waiting-time targets.
The decision to go easier on food companies is going to enrage doctors who only last weekend urged ministers to place fat taxes on unhealthy food, as well as warnings to children regarding the pitfalls of an unhealthy diet .

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