Wimbledon Champion Does Not Diet

Serena Williams is a Wimbledon champion for the fourth time round and she is well known for her views on body image and levels of confidence.
In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar she talked of only recently having accepted her body and her aversion to diets .
Both of Williams sisters have curves, like most women. They are also two of the fittest women in the world.
Serena has gone on record to say that she is never likely to be skinny yet she will wear exactly what she likes.
Venus is not as curvy, however, Serena is more curvaceous. She has a larger bottom and ample cleavage.
She says she has accepted that she looks different to other girls.
She says body image means shining from the inside.
She says she does not diet . She wants to be really fit and wishes to lose weight .
Hence, she has been doing Pilates and yoga, ensuring she makes her body lean in order that it is not bulky.
She does not know about dieting she claims. However, when she wants to be leaner she just reduces the quantities of what she eats.
She has faced a lot of pressure for her to lose weight. However, she has never given way to pressure to do so.
She has never dieted foolishly nor wishes to. Her lifestyle philosophy is to do the best you can with what you have got.

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