Change Baby Diet by Changing Diet

Parents can reduce the risk of asthma in later life for babies at high risk of the disease by changing their lifestyle and diet, it has been claimed.
Experts from the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre on the Isle of Wight have studied 120 children who were termed at risk since 1990.
The babies were also laid to sleep on vinyl mattresses and covers, whilst a spray was used to tackle dust mites.
Another group of 68 babies and mums did not make any change to their diet or lifestyle .
It was discovered that those who had altered their lifestyles were not as likely to have allergic reactions nor asthma by the age of 18.
In spite of the study being small, it is suggestive that asthma can be prevented in high-risk individuals by adapting a strict regime which avoids certain common triggers for asthma in baby’s first year of life.
It is also advisable to not eat peanuts during pregnancy to prevent baby developing allergies and to keep cigarette smoke away from baby during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

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