Coffee Pick Ups Could be Imaginary

The pick up effect of a cup of strong coffee in the morning as part of our dietary intake could just be an illusion.
Recent research findings demonstrate that Individuals who usually drink caffeinated drinks to start their day receive no actual benefit with relation to improved alertness, in contrast to those who were provided with a deacaffeinated variety.
Instead, they may feel better simply because they are correcting the symptoms of caffeine withdrawl, researchers say.
The study results show that frequent coffee drinkers and other caffeinated drinks promote a tolerance to the stimulatory effect of caffeine and to the side effect of increased anxiety.
379 individuals were tested; they had to abstain from caffeine for 16 hours prioor to being given a placebo or caffeine pill. Their computer tested alertness level barely differed.
Peter Rogers, the study leader, stated that caffeine consumption is related to increased anxiety and heightened blood pressure . However, this did not improve test results.
He continued to say thtat we do not gain anything from consuming caffeine. Even though we consider we are being alerted by it, the caffiene is in fact normalising us from caffeine fatigue.
Caffeine is known to raise anxiety, however, tolerance means that for the majority of caffeine consumers this effect is negligible.

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