Early Soda Drinking Leads to Unhealthy Diet

New research says that consumption of soda at an early age in girls is a sign of an unhealthy diet throughout adolescence.
The study demonstrated that girls who had drunk soda aged five had diets which were less likely to meet the nutritional standards for the duration of the study.
The girls were monitored from the age of 5 to 15.
The girls who did not drink soda aged five did not meet specific nutritional requirements, however, their diets were more healthy.
Soda drinkers consumed much less milk than non-soda drinkers, with milk having all the nutrients which differed between the groups except fibre.
Sufficient intake of nutrients is crucial for maximum health and growth.
Low calcium intake can lead to bone fractures and lots of added sugar can cause dental problems, as well as the development of multiple chronic diseases, such as, type 2 diabetes .

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